The only glass items on the Archives pages that are still made are some, but not all styles of the ornaments. Some ornaments are available at the Arkansas Craft Gallery, Mountain View, AR, and Butler Center Galleries, Little Rock, AR).

Update: To celebrate over 30 years of Red Fern Glass we will be selling some old inventory from Ed's collection of work he has made over the past 32 years. That means most of the items on these archive pages will be for sale in 2015. Online sales of these items are here. More will be added as the years goes by. Or request information if you are interested in a particular item.


For use at Christmas or all year around. more Ornaments

Mini Ornaments
2-2.5in diameter

Multicolor Ornaments
2-4in diameter

Pear Ornaments
3.25-4.75in height

Striped Ornament
2.5in diameter

Sun Discs

Rondels with Droplets, Curly Droplets, Springs or other decorative elements.
» More Sun Discs

History of Red Fern Glass

In the history of Red Fern Glass, a lot of different items have been made. The first products made were primarily historical reproductions of early American glass from the Ohio Valley, New Jersey and New England areas. These included flasks, bottles, vases, candlesticks, goblets, drinking vessels, perfume bottles, and a wide variety of functional glassware. A small amount of studio art glass, ornaments and original glass designs were also produced.

Red Fern Glass started up in July 1985 in Salem, Arkansas. In 1991 a move was made to a studio in the Ozark woodlands near Osage, Arkansas where Ed converted a pottery studio to a glassworks. Ed has worked at glassmaking as primarily a one person studio. He has had help at times with employees who helped in packing/shipping and office duties and occasionally glass work. Most pieces sold were signed with either "EA" or "EP" and two digits for the year (85-11). Some special pieces are signed E.Pennebaker. Some production pieces and ornaments are not signed. There are occasional unsigned pieces that are either seconds or are in the artist's collection

Red Fern Glass was sold in many museum stores and shops including Smithsonian Institution Museum Stores, Historic Deerfield, Greenfield Village, Essex Institute, American Folk Museum and many others.

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Any pieces that were not directly influenced by a particular historical piece and had an element of originality or "one off" (one-of-a-kind) nature to it.
More images of art glass

Red Iridized Bowl
7in height x 6in diameter

Facet Paperweights
4in height x 2.5in diameter

Bottles & Flasks

These are replicas of early American types of glassware made from the New England States to the Ohio Valley late 18th century to early 19th century. Many of the pieces with the ribbed pattern (straight, swirled, or broken swirl) are "Midwestern" style glass. more images of bottles and flasks

Flask group
6-7in height

small Chestnut Bottle group
3-4in height

Ovoid Bottle group
5.5-6.5in height

Glob Bottle w/handle
7in height

Perfume & Scent Bottles

The Seahorse Scent Bottles are a revision of the original early American bottle form with the addition of a foot and stopper. The Ribbed, Wrapped, and Atomizer styles are Ed's own designs. more perfume bottles

Seahorse Scent Bottles
2.75-4.75in height

Ribbed & Wrapped Perfume Bottles
6.5in height

Atomizer Perfume Bottle
7.5in height"

Tableware and Functional Glass

Bowls, Candlesticks, Tumblers, Goblets and all kinds of functional items.more tableware

Lily Pad Creamer & Sugar Bowl
6.75in height

Amberina Bowl
7.25in diameter

7.25in height

6.75in height

more vases

Red Iridized Vase
7.5in height

Amethyst vase with steel blue trailing
7in height

Multicolor Vase
6.75in height

Pillar molded vase
6.75in height

Two Dimensional Work

Ed received his Master's Degree in printmaking and did a wide variety of two dimensional paintings and original prints before working with glass.
Drawings, Serigraphs, Paintings more 2-D work

ATSF 961
15.5in height, 22.75in width
oil on paper

6in height, 9in width