Chandelier Styles

The range of chandelier styles made continues to grow as requests for specific sizes and shapes are commissioned. In October 2017 Ed completed his 637th chandelier. The styles listed below can be mixed or stand alone to create many different looks and sizes of chandeliers.

Mid Century Modern Box Chandeliers

This is Ed's latest style chandelier using sheet glass. Fused glass is also available in place of the single color sheets of glass in the boxes.

Chandelier #636
two views
108 in h x 18 in w x 18 in d

Chandelier #637
two views
96 in h x 36 in w x 36 in d

Knobby Curly Chandeliers

These chandeliers are made up of spiral shaped curlies with knobs on the ends and a twisted optical pattern in the glass.

Chandelier #430
31 in h x 48 in dia.

Chandelier #488
29 in h x 36 in dia.

Pointed Curly Chandeliers

These chandeliers are made up of spiral shaped curlies with pointed ends and a twisted optical pattern. Pointed pieces can have an additional color added to the tip at an additional cost.

Chandelier #209
40 in h x 40" dia.

Chandelier #505
27 in h x 36 in dia.

Ensiform Element Chandeliers

These chandeliers are made up of pieces with more of a wavy shape. The optical pattern is straight along the length of the pieces and the wave form is flattened slightly. The Ensiform name means "blade or sword like", similar to the leaf of an iris. The Ensiform Elements can either be a single color or have a different colored tip.

Chandelier #499
Lt Ylw/Deep Ylw/Smoke/Dk Amb
50 in h x 38 in dia.

Chandelier #407
Opal/Near Clear
33 in h x 41 in dia.

Chandeliers with Vertical pieces

These chandeliers are good for places where the chandelier will be seen from above. The vertical pieces help hide the lighting hardware which can sometimes be seen from above in multistory buildings.

Chandelier #476
67 in h x 39 in dia.

Chandelier #500
Smoke/Copper/Amber/Near Clear
67 in h x 38 in dia.

Large Spike Chandeliers

These Large Spikes are around 16 to 18 inches long.

Chandelier #542
Green/Light Yellow/Mint/Opal
37 in h x 50 in dia.

Chandelier #540
Lt. Blue/Empire Blue/Green/Lt. Yellow
28 in h x 38 in dia.

Styles with Combinations of Pieces

"Combination" style chandeliers can be made up of any two or more of the above styles.

Chandelier #471
pointed, ensiform, droplet
42 in h x 37 in dia.

Chandelier #495
pointed, ensiform, knobby
23 in h x 36 in dia.

Chandeliers with combinations of smaller pieces

Knobby, Pointed, and Ensiform blown glass pieces made in a slightly smaller size for a more compact chandelier.

Chandelier #426
Amb/Lt Blue/Lt Cobalt/N. Clear
18 in h x 36 in dia.

Chandelier #470
16 in h x 34 in dia.

Small Spike Chandeliers

Similar to some of the Pendant Light styles, these smaller chandeliers are made up only of Small Spike elements. Since these spikes are smaller than other elements the chandelier is smaller in scale. For a larger chandelier Large Spikes can be used.

Chandelier #425
Milk/Opal/Near Clear
20 in h x 24 in dia.

Chandelier #449
17 in h x 25 in dia.

Small Spike Combinations

Chandeliers with a combination of pieces including Small Spikes

Chandelier #513
23 in h x 36 in dia.

Chandelier #499
Lt. Yellow/Dp. Yellow/Smoke/Dk. Amber
50 in h x 38 in dia.

Chandelier #438
Amber/Copper/Smoke/Burmese/Dk. Amber
19 in h x 38 in dia.

Chandelier #328
20 in h x 32 in dia.

Oval Shaped Chandeliers

Chandeliers that aren't round. Some have been used to fit over long dining room tables.

Chandelier #598
Smoke/Amber/Copper/Empire Blue/Amethyst
25in height, 108in width, 32in depth

Chandelier #597
Lt. Olive/Vaseline Opal/Lt. Green/Green/Champagne
28in height, 80in width, 46in depth

Chandelier #536
Lt. Blue/Lt. Cobalt/Green/Copper/Near Clear
18in height, 34in width, 24in depth

Chandelier #589
Champagne/Cobalt/Empire Blue
26in height, 46in width, 35in depth

Chandelier #312
25in height, 45in width, 29in depth

Chandelier #368
Fire and Ice
26in height, 62in width, 30in depth

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A list of Chandeliers by number with information on sizes, styles, and colors included with the image of each piece.
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Chandelier Sizes

Sizes vary from 8" in height by 24" diameter to as large as your space and budget allow.
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Chandelier Hanging Options

Mounting hardware is included with all chandeliers. The standard is a brushed nickel canopy with stainless steel cables (12" cables unless otherwise specified). Options include different colors of canopies and custom fabricated canopies and down rods. Flush mounting against the ceiling is also an option.
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