Available Pieces

These works are at the gallery they are listed under. You can contact that gallery for pricing or details about the listed works.

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Red Fern Glass Studio

428 CR 9351 - Green Forest, Arkansas 72638 - 870.553.2592

For sculptures available go to the sculptures page.

Chandelier #612
22in height x 38in diameter
85 Pieces

Chandelier #534
43in height, 42in diameter
140 Pieces
Multicolor Amber/Smoke

Chandelier #540
28in height x 38in diameter
93 Pieces

Chandelier #583
26in height x 42in diameter
100 Pieces
Gray, Amber

Chandelier #585
14in height x 37in diameter
101 Pieces

Chandelier #603
12in height, 33in diameter
77 Pieces

Chandelier #510
15in height, 34in diameter
111 Pieces

Chandelier #449
17in height, 25in diameter
100 Pieces

Chandelier #320
26in height, 36in diameter
101 Pieces
Multicolor Ensiform

Chandelier #294
28 in height x 36in diameter
104 Pieces

Sconce #90
25in wide, 18in height, 16in depth
63 Pieces
Amber/Copper/Near Clear

Cluster #51
120in height x 48in diameter
762 Pieces

Cluster #69
76in height x 24in diameter
185 Pieces

Drawl GalleryWebsite | Map

5208 Kavanaugh Blvd #5 upstairs - Little Rock, AR - 501.240.7446

Wetland Plateau
10in ht x 10.75in w x 4in d
glass, steel, granite

Ozark Topography: Seismic Shift
13in ht x 7in w x 5.5in d
glass, steel, limestone

Seismic Movement
12in ht x 15.5in w x 6.5in d
glass, steel

17in ht x 13in w x 2in d
glass, steel, limestone

Tectonic Shift II
30in ht x 17in w x 14in d
glass, steel, limestone, granite

Argenta GalleryFacebook Page | Map

413 Main Street - North Little Rock, AR

Chandelier #450
50in height x 40in diameter
145 Pieces

Leopold GalleryWebsite | Map

324 W. 63rd Street - Kansas City, Missouri 64113 - 816.333.3111

Star Lt Spectrum Pendant #130
13in height x 24in diameter
63 Pieces

Chandelier #599
28in height x 38 in diameter
89 Pieces
Empire Blue, Cobalt, Turquoise, Champagne

Black Plateau
18.5in ht x 13in w x 4in d
glass, steel, granite

Turquoise Plateau
17in htx 17in w x 3in d
glass, steel, limestone

24in ht, 9.5in w, 8.5in d
glass, steel

Cluster #99
53in height, 32in diameter

IagoWebsite | Map

1165 S. Main Street -
Blowing Rock, NC - 828-295-0093

Chandelier #528
24 in height x 34in diameter
83 Pieces

Legacy Fine ArtWebsite | Map

804 Central Avenue -
Hot Springs, AR 71901 - 501.762.0840

Chandelier #590
57in height, 40in diameter
226 Pieces

Chandelier #316
29in height, 38in diameter
104 Pieces
Red, Amber, Smoke

Chandelier #578
25in height, 40in diameter
81 Pieces

Chandelier #614
18in height x 35in diameter
88 Pieces
grey with white tips

RARE GalleryMap

60 E Broadway 2nd Floor - Jackson, WY - 307.733.8726

Chandelier #507
43in height x 42in diameter
153 Pieces
Near Clear/Milk/Opal

ZarksWebsite | Map

67 Spring St. - Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 - 877.540.9805

Blue Heron
24in ht, 6.25in w, 4.1in d
glass, steel

21.6in ht, 7.5in w, 8.5in d
glass, steel

Cluster #85
36in height, 28in diameter
67 Pieces

Cluster #111
34in tall, 16in diameter
57 Pieces
Near Clear/Cobalt Blue Tips

Chandelier #553
28 in height x 38in diameter
89 Pieces
empire blue/cob/lt. cob/tq/cham

Chandelier #586
15in height, 37in diameter
117 Pieces

Arkansas Arts Center Museum ShopWebsite | Map

501 E. 9th Street - Little Rock, AR - 501.372.4000

24.5in ht x 12in width x 4in depth
glass, steel, stone

Ozark Topography: Photosynthesis
9in ht x 4in w x 4in d
glass, steel, marble

35in ht x 30in dia
glass, steel, limestone

Glass ReunionsWebsite | Map

825 Duval Street - Key West, Florida 33040 - 305.294.1720

Chandelier #472
30in height, 48in diameter
228 Pieces

The Glass MenagerieWebsite | Map

37 East Market Street, Corning, NY - 607-962-6300

Chandelier #539
27in height, 38in diameter
100 Pieces

Chandelier #518
30in height, 38in diameter
126 Pieces

Chandelier #398
27in height x 36in diameter
85 Pieces

Sconce #69, 17in width x 22in height x 13in depth, 40 pc, Amber/Burmese"

Chandelier #357
23in height x 31in diameter
65 Pieces
Near Clear/Cobalt/Green

Karg Art GlassWebsite | Map

111 N. Oliver, Kechi, Kansas - 316-744-2442

Chandelier #462
28in tall, 40in diameter
112 Pieces

Chandelier #403
30in height, 36in diameter
124 Pieces

Craftsman HouseWebsite | Map

2955 Central Ave. - St. Petersburg, FL - 727.323.2787

24in height x 35in diameter
75 Pieces
red, amber, smoke

Osage ClayworksWebsite | Map

1601 Hwy 103 - Alpena, Arkansas 72611 - 870.553.2513

Chandelier #596
32in height, 50in diameter
269 Pieces

Chandelier #597
28in tall, 46in deep, 80in width
354 Pieces

Butler Center GalleryWebsite | Map

401 President Clinton Ave. - Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 - 501.320.5791

Chandelier #511
23in height, 34in diameter
66 Pieces

23in ht x 6in width, 3 in depth
glass, steel, limestone

Blue Heron
24in ht, 6.25in w, 4.1in d
glass, steel