Color Options

There are many colors to choose from. Some colors are very consistent from batch to batch, others will vary from slightly to more pronounced variations. Some colors are no longer available and will be discontinued when current stock is depleted. Color samples are available.


Deep transparent ruby red. Can be very dark at times, especially in thick areas of glass.


Light transparent pink. Exhibits some dichromatic characteristics of the lavender color but not as noticable a change in color from different light sources.

Dark Amber

Transparent orange-amber.


Transparent brown ranging from rosy-pinkish brown to orange-brown to tarnished copper brown.


Medium transparent honey yellow-amber color.

Deep Yellow

This color is very close to the amber color, only slightly more rich and deep in color.

Light Yellow

This is a very pale yellow. It is used in place of the color Vaseline which is no longer available.


Deep transparent coffee brown.


Light transparent wheat color.


An opaque color that can have swirls of transparent orange-amber or brown. Color varies from piece to piece.


This pastel yellow color is mainly an opaque yellow but can be heat treated to turn pink in the hottest areas.


A deep reddish purple. Only limited quantities available.


Transparent lavender is a dichromatic color. It will be lavender under incandescent, halogen, tungsten, or daylight conditions. Under most fluorescent lights it can look light cobalt blue.


Light transparent violet only slightly more blue than lavender.


Deep transparent ultramarine blue.

Light Cobalt

Sapphire, light transparent blue.


Deep transparent blue-green.


Deep transparent blue-green, brighter and lighter than teal.

Light Blue

Aquamarine, light transparent blue-green.

Deep Green

A deep emerald green. Limited quantities.


Emerald, a medium transparent green that can vary from slightly yellow-green to slightly blue-green.


This light pastel green color will vary from opaque to nearly transparent. Because of its opaque qualities, it is not recommended that large amounts of this color be used in chandeliers.


Transparent Gray which varies sometimes warmer or cooler, darker or lighter.

Near Clear

Nearly transparent clear with slight traces of green or aquamarine.


Transparent clear that will have portions of opaque white. Used only sparingly, if used in larger quantities a surcharge will be added.