Ordering Red Fern Glass

click to Shop Online for Chandeliers and other glass

The online shopping cart has some chandeliers and Ed's collection of older products he has made (1985-1999). To prepare for moving the studio he is also selling glass he has collected from other artists and antique shops. Add your email address to the newsletter list to get updates.

Retail Sales

We seldom handle retail sales out of the studio. Red Fern Glass lighting and sculptures are sold mainly through galleries. You will find the glass looks even better in person than it does in the photographs shown on the website. You can find a list of galleries here. Or contact us requesting information for a gallery near you. Be sure to include at least your city and state so we can let you know about the gallery nearest to you. Most galleries have websites and can do business long distance if you are not near one of them. If you are in northwest Arkansas and want to visit the studio use the contact page to let us know. The studio is in a remote area so you will need directions to find it.

Wholesale Sales

If you have a gallery and are interested in ordering, please send information about your gallery including artists you work with. We like to see gallery photos and look for galleries with high ceilings to accomodate our hanging chandeliers and pendant lights. We try not to sell to more than one gallery within a given geographic area.


The Studio

The studio is in the woods near Osage, Arkansas. It started as a pottery studio built by Newt Lale of Osage Clayworks. Ed remodeled the studio and closed in the "kiln shed" for a hot glass shop.
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