Sconce Sizes

The size of a sconce is partially determined by the number of pieces used in the sconce and partially by the size of the pieces used. The sconces made are primarily sized for the home environment. They start around 14 inches in height. The width of the sconces starts at around 12 inches.

Standard Sconce sizes vary from the smallest style "Spikes & Melons" at 12" wide, 15" tall, 8" deep to the largest "Fireworks" at 36" wide, 50" tall, 20" deep. Larger custom sizes can also be made but the "Spikes and Melons" style is the smallest that can be made in the current design scheme.

Sconce Styles

The range of sconce styles made continues to grow as requests for specific sizes and shapes are commissioned.
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View Sconces by Number

A list of Sconces by number with information on sizes, styles, and colors included with the image of each piece.
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