Pendant Light Styles

The hardware for the Pendant Lights shown here has been discontinued. I have found a new source for a similar hardware kit. It will be slightly different than what is shown on many of the Pendant Lights. There will now only be one cord that the light hangs from.

The range of pendant light styles I make includes three basic styles with some variations. Small Spikes are used in the Starburst and Starlight Spectrum. The Curly style may include Small Spikes and/or mini melons with the Small Curlies. Ensiform Style can have Ensiforms or both Ensiforms and Small Curlies.


The Starburst Pendant Lights are made up of 65-75 straight spike shaped shaped glass pieces which have an optic twist pattern. The bottom element can be either a curly droplet of a spike.

Pendant Light #50
18in tall, 20in dia.

Pendant Light #49
15in tall, 20in dia.

Starlight Spectrum

The Starlight Spectrum Pendant Lights are made up of 65-75 straight spike shaped glass pieces which have an optic twist and a color tip.

Pendant Light #52
12in tall, 21in dia.

Pendant Light #48
13in tall, 21in dia.


The Curly Pendant Lights are made up of small pointed curlies. They will also have some mini melons and can have some Small Spikes.

Pendant Light #42
17in tall, 25in dia.
Lt. Blue/Lt. Cobalt/Lavender

Pendant Light #41
18in tall, 23in dia.


The Ensiform Pendant Lights are made up of small Ensiform Elements which are wavy instead of curly and have a straight optic pattern instead of twisted. Mini melons in a contrasting or analagous color are also part of the Ensiform style light. Small Curlies can also be included for more variety

Pendant Light #54
17in tall, 20in dia.
Near Clear/Dark Amber

Pendant Light #116
18in tall, 31in dia.

Pendant Light Sizes

Sizes range from 12" to 18" tall, 24 to 32" diameter depending on the style of the Pendant Light.
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Pendant Light Hanging Options

The "Pendant" in Pendant Lights means these lights must hang down from the ceiling a certain distance.
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A list of Pendant Lights by number with information on sizes, styles, and colors included with the image of each piece.
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