Pendant Light Sizes

The size of a chandelier is primarily determined by stle chosen since the different styles are different sizes.


The size of a Pendant Light is primarily determined by the style of pieces used in the pendant light. Starburst and Starlight Spectrum Pendant Lights with Small Spikes will be smaller than Curly and Ensiform style Pendant Lights. Starburst and Starlight Spectdrum Pendant Lights vary from 12 to 16 inches tall and 21 to 25 inches diameter. Ensiform and Curly Pendant Lights vary from 11 to 17 inchse tall to 24 to 30 inches diameter.
The Pendant Lights made are primarily sized for the home. The lights start around 11 inches in height for Pendant Lights with Spikes and go up to 21 inches high for Pendant Lights with Curlys or Ensiform Elements. Diameters vary from 16 inches to 30 inches again depending on types of pieces used. For larger sizes a small chandelier would be the alternative.


The Pendant Lights come with a 40 watt G9 halogen bi-pin light bulb. The amount of light given off by the Pendant Light will depend on the colors chosen. But the Pendant Lights will be primarily decorative. The light will not be sufficient for a task light, but will function as an artistic ambient or mood light.

Directions for Measuring

When you place your order we will need to know what the desired measurement is for your particular room. The best way is to measure from the ceiling down to where you want the bottom of the light to be. This way if there is a slight variation in the size of the Pendant Light the hanging height can be adjusted accordingly.
Please state what measurement you are giving to your gallery representative. Please get this measurement to your gallery as early in the ordering process as possible. Waiting until the last minute can cause problems when the measurement falls outside of the parameters of the option you have chosen to hang your chandelier. The Pendant Lights come standard with up to a 8.5 foot long cord. This cord is adjustable.

Pendant Light Styles

The Pendant Lights can be made up of Spikes, Small Curlies, or Ensiform Elements.
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Pendant Light Hanging Options

The "Pendant" in Pendant Lights means these lights must hang down from the ceiling a certain distance.
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View Pendant Lights by Number

A list of Pendant Lights by number with information on sizes, styles, and colors included with the image of each piece.
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