Pendant Light Hanging Options

The "Pendant" in Pendant Lights means these lights must hang down from the ceiling a certain distance. The hardware used for these lights requires that they hang down at least 7" from the ceiling to the top of the glass. The maximum distance with the standard fixture is 60" from ceiling to top of the glass. For an additional charge a longer cable can be provided for hanging lengths of 61"-120".

Standard Canopy

This is the standard canopy for a pendant light.

Michael Schwade Canopies

We've recently started working with a nationally recognized sculptor, Michael Schwade. His beautiful metal canopies are an excellent addition to any of our pendant lights.

Pendant Light Styles

The Pendant Lights can be made up of Spikes, Small Curlies, or Ensiform Elements.
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Pendant Light Sizes

Sizes range from 12" to 18" tall, 20 to 27" diameter depending on the style of the Pendant Light.
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View Pendant Lights by Number

A list of Pendant Lights by number with information on sizes, styles, and colors included with the image of each piece.
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