Ozarks Topography

The Ozarks Topography Series uses textured cast glass blocks in a steel framework. The textures are meant as abstract reminders of landscape details seen up close, from a normal perspective, or even as aerial views. This page shows two of the Ozark Topography sculptures which were combined into a single sculpture on a large base, "S3 R5 T70" and "S4 R9 T149". The letters and numbers stand for section, range, and township. The number after the S is the number of the sculpture in the Ozark Topography series. The number after the R is the number of vertical columns in the sculpture. The number after the T is the number of glass blocks in the sculpture.

This Ozark Topography Sculpture was exhibited on the Bentonville Arkansas Trail System October 2014 through October 2015. It will be in the Carrie Remmel Dickinson Fountain in front of the Arkansas Arts Center during the 4th Annual Fountain Fest October 13, 2016.


The Studio

The studio is in the woods near Osage, Arkansas. Red Fern Glass began in Salem, Arkansas in 1985. In 1991 Ed moved way out in the woods. He remodeled Newt Lale's pottery studio and closed in the "kiln shed" for a hot glass shop.
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