Blown glass assembled on a metal armature with a light source (or multiple light sources) inside.

Chandelier Sizes

Sizes vary from 13" in height by 27" diameter to as large as your space and budget allow.
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Chandelier Styles

The range of styles continues to expand. The first chandeliers made by Ed used "Knobby Curlies". Then came "Pointed", later "Spikes" were added in combination with other pieces. "Ensiform Elements" are the latest forms to be used (ensiform is a term meaning "sword like", as in the leaves of an iris). Colored tips are also added to some Ensiforms Elements or Pointed Curlies.
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Chandelier Hanging Options

Mounting hardware is included with all chandeliers. The standard is a chrome canopy with stainless steel cables (12" cables unless otherwise specified). Options include different colors of canopies and custom fabricated canopies and down rods. Flush mounting against the ceiling is also an option.
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Color Options

There are many colors to choose from. Some colors are very consistent from batch to batch, others will vary from slightly to more pronounced variations. Some colors are no longer available and will be discontinued when current stock is depleted. Color samples are available.


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