Chandelier Hanging Options

Mounting hardware is included with all chandeliers. The standard is a brushed nickel canopy with stainless steel cables (12" hanging height unless otherwise specified). Options include different colors of canopies, chain instead of cable (for chandeliers under 120 pieces), and custom fabricated canopies and down rods. Flush mounting against the ceiling is also and option.

chandelier with stainless steel cable mount Cable Mount

Cable mounting is the most popular hanging option. Three stainless steel cables are used with a brushed nickel canopy cover. Minimum hanging distance, ceiling to top of glass is 6". Other colors of canopies that are available are: white, black, brass (antique or bright), chrome.

chandelier with chain mount Chain Mount

Occasionally someone will prefer the standard decorative chain (available in black, white, brass, pewter, or chrome). The standard chain will not hold larger chandeliers, maximum weight limit around 40 pounds, 100-120 glass pieces.

chandelier mounted flush against ceiling Flush Mount

Flush mounting is an alternative to the traditional hanging cable or chain. The metal armature the glass hangs from mounts directly to the ceiling. Flush mounted chandeliers are more difficult to install since the glass making up the chandelier will go right up against the ceiling. Flush mounting means some of the glass must be removed to get to the light bulbs for changing. Use long life bulbs and/or a dimmer switch to get the longest life out of the bulb. LED bulbs make flush mounting more practical.

Bob Patrick Canopies

We work with a local but nationally recognized blacksmith, Bob Patrick. From our sketches he has added his own vision to a variety of exquisite metal canopies with twisted hanging rods that mirror the swirling glass pattern.
Bob Patrick Hand Forged Canopy and Down Rods Bob Patrick Hand Forged Canopy and Down Rods
Bob Patrick Hand Forged Canopy and Down Rods Bob Patrick Hand Forged Canopy and Down Rods

Directions for Measuring

When you place your order please include the desired hanging height for your chandelier in your particular room. You can measure several ways: The best way is to measure from the ceiling down to where you want the bottom of the chandelier to be. This way if there is a slight variation in the size of the chandelier the hanging height can be adjusted accordingly. The second way to measure is to specify the height from the ceiling to the top of the chandelier. Or you can measure the total height, ceiling to floor. With that measurement, a hanging height can be figured as long as what type of room the chandelier is going in is known. In a dining room above a table the hanging height would be different that in a foyer on traffic area.
Please state what measurement you are giving to your gallery representative. Please get this measurement to your gallery as early in the ordering process as possible. Waiting until the last minute can cause problems when the measurement falls outside of the parameters of the option you have chosen to hang your chandelier. Hanging flush from the ceiling is an option but requires a different type armature and additional cost.

Chandelier Styles

The range of chandelier styles made continues to grow as requests for specific sizes and shapes are commissioned. When viewing styles keep in mind a specific style may look the way it does because of two main factors; type of pieces used and size. These two factors many times are interrelated and can effect each other.
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Chandelier Sizes

Sizes vary from 13" in height by 27" diameter to as large as your space and budget allow.
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View Chandeliers by Number

A list of Chandeliers by number with information on sizes, styles, and colors included with the image of each piece.
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